Ian “tainted” Rarus

Site Manager, Lead Admin, Host of D3combat Podcast
Age: 23
Location: RI
Personal statement: I’ve been highly interested in eSports since CS 1.6 was reigning supreme at the old school CPLs. I’ve been following various competitive entities like CPL, CAL, CEVO, MLG, WoW Armory, HoN, NASL, and others ever since. I plan on helping bring you solid, insightful coverage of Diablo III PvP.

Nick “nuaris” Iwuc

Site Manager, Admin, Artist, Panelist on D3combat Podcast
Age: 23
Location: RI
Personal statement: A passion for competitive gaming has earned me experience playing through the Diablo franchise, Tribes, Counterstrike, Starcraft, Warcraft 3, World of Warcraft. I want to bring what I have learned to Diablo III and provide listeners with informed strategy and advice for the upcoming PvP arenas as well as PvE encounters.

Manny “kzo” Loureiro III

Commentator, Competitive Analyst, Panelist on D3combat Podcast
Age: 24
Location: RI
Personal statement: I played CS 1.6 competitively for quite a long time reaching CAL-P as well as playing on a serious LAN team from 2004-06. In WoW I achieved Gladiator in 6 of 8 seasons of active play. During season 1 of SC2 I made it to rank 6 in the Master’s League. I hope to bring this long line of competitive gaming and insight into’s content and make it super enjoyable for people striving to be awesome!

Bob “GreenHeat” Rarus

Moderator, Contributor, Panelist on D3combat Podcast
Age: 19
Location: RI
Personal statement: Super Competitive. Play to win. Consoles are trash.

Scott “Shep” Shepard

Contibutor, Moderator, Panelist on D3combat Podcast
Age: 25
Location: CT USA
Personal statement:Competitive counter-strike, much like my counter-parts, propelled me into E-sports at a young age. Fueled with a fire I dove head first into the community by being an e-journalist for the website ampednews. There I wrote weekly pieces highlighting the premier teams from each division in the Cyberathlete Amateur League. Also I was an admin for both CAL and CEVO for multiple seasons. There I kept a league ladder database and reviewed replays to make rulings for the league. I look forward to interacting with the community on a daily basis.


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