New Podcast up!

Welcome to! The site is finally live! We will be your #1 spot on the web for Diablo III PvP. D3Combat was created because we want to be on the forefront of D3’s PvP scene. We are here to create a solid D3 PvP community that rivals those of Blizzard’s other titles.

Podcasts discussing a variety of topics in D3, but with a definite focus on PvP will be released on a weekly basis. Click over to the forums, sign up, and contribute! We need you to help make the community strong!

There are also plans in the works for various video content once D3 goes live. We will pay close attention to any and all information that will impact PvP in D3, and keep you up to date here as well as on our Twitter, Facebook, and our forums!

August 1, 2011 | Podcast #1: Here it is! The very first podcast! Listen as we discuss some interesting PvP topics, the Real Money Auction House, and why tainted’s car alarm is going off… “Poke the Buffalo, See What Happens”